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Healthcare Employee Program

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We value members of the healthcare professional community and offer special incentives to give back to these essential workers who give so much to our communities. 

  • Offering up to .05% rebate or up to $10,000  whichever is less on all health care professional buyers and/or sellers. 

  • Loan programs designed for healthcare professionals:

    • Includes lower interest rates

    • Buyer credits for new home purchases

    • Credits for commercial and retail properties

    • Grants and more


Are you a healthcare professional: including nurses, doctors, staff, maintenance, security, and all medical institutions and educational employees? 

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Featured Listing

2244-46 N Front St​

Turn-Key established a medical practice and two mixed-use properties for sale.

  • This is a rare opportunity for a doctor or medical professional to take over an established medical practice with a substantial revenue system and set the foundation for a much-needed family medicine practice in a booming neighborhood with a high demand for this type of service. 

Add value to the medical practice by establishing an urgent care center in the same location.

  • There is no urgent care center close by.

  • Urgent care is a notoriously high-income low overhead business model that serves a vital role in the wellness of a growing community.

It’s a no brainer for a medical professional who has a strong business sense. 

By right the allowance is for one commercial space and two apartments per property meaning this property could be 1-2 commercial spaces from 800-1600 square foot plus the basement and two apartments. 

  • Add value by adding on to the third-floor addition or possibly adding a 4th story and using the full basement space as an additional offering to the commercial occupancy at the ground level. 

  • 90 percent financing opportunity through SBA with as little as $100,000 investment +/- this high cashflow performing asset with expansive appreciation and equitable value can be acquired and turned into a cash cow operation. 

  • Opportunity for urgent care clinic expansion. 

  • The area has a high demand need for care and medical practices. 

  • Incredible turn key high volume cash flowing operation for medical professionals looking for opportunity in an up and coming neighborhood. 

  • Practice currently operating as a telemedicine office post pandemic and sees a range of 20-25 patients per day. 

  • Currently operates as a low overhead business model with very low expenses and grossing an annual revenue of $300,000 per year with minimal effort. This portion of the practice could be easily passed on and continued for years to come making it a great financial pad for an aspiring medical practitioner. 

  • Practice currently holds over 9,800 active medical patient files with various insurance provider records on file. 

  • There is a large opportunity for health insurance company bonuses for EMR patient profiling and added $200k-$400k in annual revenue with the addition of a staff nurse practitioner. 

  • Eliminate site overhead by renting apartments above or converting upper floors to expand practice offerings by leasing or sharing space with other fields of medicine such as chiropractic, podiatry, dermatology, ophthalmology and more. 

  • Possibility for ultrasound, Echo, bloodwork and lab work. 



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