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Justin O'Malley

Real Estate Agent

Justin O’Malley has 15 years realtor experience with an additional 5 years as Partner in a residential and commercial mortgage company. Justin brings a unique wide range of 15 year of experience to his true passion which is to help others find their dream home that meets their needs within their financial comfort zone. Justin enjoys helping other new and established agents on how to use technology to improve their customer care, general marketing and helping the agents increase their client’s customer satisfaction within the home buying experience.

Honesty, integrity, determination, dedication to serve others and his passion to help others reach their full potential and their dreams help him embrace the daily challenges and goals from day to day with enthusiasm and positive energy. Applying these principles to all aspects of his life and business has allowed him to be one of the most respected, sought after and successful realtors over the past 15 years. Justin’s daily mantra is “how can I help serve others and help them reach their dreams.”

Justin’s 20 years of owning and being a partner in several successful businesses gives him a unique view on how to assess ones needs, provide suggestions for clients to consider and being able find the right fit for each client makes him highly sought after in the Philadelphia realtor market. All these experiences has allowed Justin to be one of the most successful, professional and leaders at the highest level by leading by example through a 15 year record of success and client satisfaction in the Philadelphia real estate market.

Justin has a proven record of directly impacting his client’s financial success and propelling smooth transactions by applying refined management, selling, and negotiations talents. If you are planning on buying or selling in the Philadelphia and Mainline markets contact Justin O’Malley, your local area expert, knowledge driven transaction expert with a personalized customer care clients rave about post transaction. Justin O’Malley takes pride and humbleness in delivering exceptional service while establishing long term client relationship with a client referral pipeline that allows him a continual flow of clients to serve.

Justin O’Malley looks forward to finding out what are your goals in buying or selling at this time, what are your needs in the transaction and must haves in your real estate transactions and then Justin works together with you to create fluid plan to achieve those unique client goals, thank you for considering Justin O’Malley as your local real estate expert and long term consultant.


Justin O'Malley
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