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Fact Check: You Only Need $1,000 Down to Buy A Home

Husband and wife shaking hands with a real estate agent in their new home

CLAIM: "You can purchase a property for $1,000 or even less."


Homeownership is more accessible than ever with homebuyer assistance programs allowing purchases with as little as $1,000 down. ERGO Real Estate is dedicated to helping you navigate these opportunities, like the one available at 446 W Norris St in Philadelphia.

Homebuyer Assistance Programs Overview:

These programs are designed to help first-time and repeat buyers with lower down payments and financial assistance. They can include grants, forgivable loans, and subsidized interest rates, making homeownership more achievable for a broader range of buyers.

Advantages of Low Down Payment Programs:

  • Increased Accessibility: Lower upfront costs make it easier for buyers to enter the housing market.

  • Flexibility: Programs often have flexible credit and income requirements.

  • Equity Building: Homeownership allows you to build equity over time, an advantage over renting.

THE REAL DEAL - 446 W Norris St, Philadelphia:

This property exemplifies the opportunities accessible through these programs. Located in Norris Square, a desirable Philadelphia neighborhood, it's an ideal candidate for buyers looking to leverage homebuyer assistance programs.

How ERGO Real Estate Can Help:

Our team at ERGO Real Estate specializes in matching buyers with the right assistance programs. We guide you through the application process, ensuring you find and get approved for the best program suited to your needs.


With ERGO Real Estate, your dream of homeownership is closer than you think. Let us help you explore your options with homebuyer assistance programs and find your perfect home, like the one at 446 W Norris St.



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